It’s simple to request an estimate by filling out the following form.

1) The production deadlines agreed upon will always be adhered to, except in cases of force majeure, unless the digital originals are not received at Eujoa on the date indicated, or there is are unjustified delays on the part of the client in checking the galleys.

2) The prices in the estimate refer to the performance of the job described without considering changes or corrections, which must be separately budgeted.  The performance of color tests not included in the estimate, or the repetition of digital galleys will be added to the final invoice, subject to consultation with the client.

3) Express acceptance of the standards traditionally used in the graphic arts sector is agreed upon.  In particular, variations of ± 3% in weight of the paper, and of ± 2% in the final measurements of the printed items and in the items actually delivered, which will be the ones billed unless expressly agreed otherwise, will be considered acceptable.

4) As a general rule, Eujoa will only accept digital originals, of sufficient quality to guarantee the proper reproduction of images and texts.  The client must assume, under his own responsibility, the results deriving from ordering the printing of jobs that do not meet the minimum quality requirements (300 ppp resolution for images, CMYK color spacing, typeface given in the document, etc.)

5) Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the finished items will be delivered to one place in Asturias.  Any other logistical or shipping requirement will be priced and invoiced separately.

6) The usual form of payment by GRÁFICAS EUJOA clients is an sixty-day acceptance bill.  If the client wishes to propose a different payment method, it should be included in the request for an estimate.

7) Digital originals provided by the client will be returned when production is complete, except for those that reach us electronically (by e-mail or FTP server).  Gráficas Eujoa retains duly protected backup copies of all jobs in case of a possible repetition of the job. For technical reasons this copy cannot be made available to clients, but it is possible to deliver a low-resolution PDF copy, for example, for publication on the Internet.

8) Our estimates are valid for 30 days, unless another period is indicated.  Once this period elapses, written confirmation of the sales prices in effect at that moment must be requested.

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